With so many big events to attend and Guests to see, attendees spared no time in preparing for another huge schedule of Dragon*Con activities.  The weekend was filled with numerous features like the Dragon*Con Parade, Dawn Contest, Star Wars Costume Contest, Miss Klingon Beauty Pageant, Premiere Movie Trailers, Muppets Memorial, Film Festivals, Robot Wars, Rocky Horror Picture Show performances, Wrestling matches, Awards Banquets, Trivia Challenge Game Shows, Dragon*Con Costume Contest, and lots more!

Dragon*Con 2004
Main Events

Main Events Hall: Tons of guests and big panels showed up this year and gave details on their latest works, including Peter Davidson, Anne McCaffery, Nicole de Boer, Firefly cast, Anime voice actors and actresses, Buffy Extravaganza!, Babylon 5 Reunion, The Boba Fetts, cast of Tribe, Marc Singer, and more.

Live Concerts: Live stage performances were held around the clock all weekend and included singers and groups Emerald Rose, Brodingnagian Bards, Opland-Freeman, Voltaire, Faith and the Muse, 3/4 Ale, Susan Hickey, Paul Mercer, and more.
Nighttime Festivities: Drum Circles and Rave dances were all the rage at this year's Dragon*Con. 

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