Inspired by the legendary artworks of Joseph Michael Lisner's "Dawn", costume entries for this year's big Dawn Costume Contest ranged from adorably cute to just fantastically awesome.  Over 50 entries showed off their latest creations and judges finally came to the ultimate results: 
Most Outrageous: #38 Dawn of the Ages (group of three young, modern, and wise)
Best Original: #8 Autumn Twilight
Best Adapted Dawn: #16 Jesse
Best Theatrical Presentation: #34 Mother of Dawn (big stage presence)
Third Place Award: #31 Lisa (artfully done hand-drawn skulls on fabric lining and more)
Second Place Award: #25 Amanda (for her wonderful display of spidery arms)
Grand Prize Award: #56 Sarah (with lovely wings and devil's mask)

Dragon*Con 2004
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