Long after the daytime activities have ended, AX98 was still alive with fan spirit.  Many of them gathered to sing at Karaoke Night, get their groove on at the Dance, attend the numerous hotel parties, and pretty much let loose well into the night.

Anime Expo 98
Fan Fun!

 Cosplayers have kidnapped the AX Big Cheese!  Shown here are some of the award-winning cosplayers form AX Masquerade hamming it up for the camera before they whisk the head honcho away to some fan parties.
 Looking for a party? Need updates on announcements and other convention interests? Look no further than the usual convention kiosk for all your missed appointments and future dates.
AX98 had quite a Dance. And a bigger and louder one than the first, so reports say, comparing 1998 to 1996. Fans say the Dance had better mix of hip modern and techno dance club music, better lights and sound, and of course more of the cute female gender. And if you look hard enough amongst the crowds, you can spot two wild young folks gettin' jiggy wid it. Please excuse our terrible grasp of cool-speak. 
Those wandering around the halls looking for free flyers were lucky this year to pick up six free copies of Unagi-chan doujinshi pages put out by an unknown fan. For those that don't know, Unagi-chan is a comical character originally drawn by Asari Yoshito, and her curious misadventures seem to always end up in some amount of chaos and destruction. Sources say fans were quite delighted and stacks of these free comics disappeared in less than 15 minutes!

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