The major area to be at during Anime Expo next to the Exhibit Hall is the Main Hall in the adjacent Anaheim Convention Center where hundreds of fans gather to see live performances, anime screenings, film premieres, awards shows, and other various events only a huge multimedia theater could hold. This year, AX VideoTech was proud to debut upgrades to their sound and video equipment including huge wall screens, new microphones, new cameras, and clearer signal simulcast to adjacent video theaters. Just being in the hall is an amazing sight to behold, especially when it's all for anime.

Anime Expo 98
Events and Panels 1

The largest theater of the Anaheim Convention Center, the Main Hall, where Opening and Closing Ceremonies, Masquerade, Anime Music Video Contest, Awards Ceremonies, Art Auction, Film Premieres, and some Guest of Honor Interviews were held.
Panels included numerous members from the industry and fam communities to speak out about the current anime and manga scene.  Scheduled panels included: A.D. Vision, Anime Online, AnimEigo, Bandai Entertainment, Central Park Media, US Manga Corps, Codeworks, Comics Writing, Current US Anime Releases Fan Panel, Directing Anime, Disney and Tokuma, Escaflone Fan Panel, EX: Online World of Anime and Manga, Fan Fiction, Gundam Fan Panel, Mr. Kikukawa and Legend of Galactic Heroes, Macross Fan Panel, Madhouse, Manga Entertainment, MIXX Entertainment, Monolith Games, Pioneer Entertainment, Right Stuf International, Sailor Moon Shoujo Fan Panel, Studio Hard, Urban Vision, Viz Communications, Viz Dub Your Own Anime, Voice Acting with Japanese and American Voice Actors
Let's not forget the Video Game tournaments with various games including the following: Marvel Super Heroes, Armored Core, Battle Arena Toshinden 3, Gran Turismo, Super Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo, Tekken 3, and Soul Blade

Anime Expo 98 also hosted a large scale 3D Computer Generated Art And Animation Contest with numerous works from the still and animated forms. Judges included members and exciting examples of works from the following companies: 3D Realms,, Calibre Digital Pictures, Cinesite, Digital Domain, Dream Quest Images, Dreamscape Productions, Dreamworks Features Animation, The Film Factory, Industrial Light and Magic, Ion Storm, Kinetix, Kleiser-Walczak Construction Company, Momentum Animations, Odysset Productions, Ozcot Studios, Pacific Data Images, PIxar Animation Studios, Rhythm and Hues, Saffire Corporation, Midland Productions, Tippett Studio, Trilobyte Inc., Volition Inc., Walt Disney Imagineering, Will Vinton Studios, and 3D Design Magazine.

Opening Ceremonies began with a rousing taiko drum performance complete with brawny guys and cute girls rattling the halls with their signature beat and rhythm.
VTech Supervisor checking the simulcast output before AX98's Opening Ceremonies starts. The simulcast video is relayed to two adjacent video theaters with wide screen displays, so that attendees wishing to see the large events in the Main Hall but did not get in early enough can simply go to these smaller theaters and still see everything.
Anime Expo has always been a guiding light for charity, and this year was no exception, with a check for $16,000 donated to the City of Hope with funds sponsored by numerous AX Guests of Honor, anime companies, and many more luminaries in the anime industry.

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