The major area to be at during Anime Expo next to the Exhibit Hall is the Main Hall in the adjacent Anaheim Convention Center where hundreds of fans gather to see live performances, anime screenings, film premieres, awards shows, and other various events only a huge multimedia theater could hold. This year, AX VideoTech was proud to debut upgrades to their sound and video equipment including huge wall screens, new microphones, new cameras, and clearer signal simulcast to adjacent video theaters. Just being in the hall is an amazing sight to behold, especially when it's all for anime.

Anime Expo 98
Events and Panels 2

Amidst a standing ovation, one attendee (in white t-shirt) successfully outbidded two other auctioning attendees for a coveted Fushigi Yuugi color sketch by AX98 Guest of Honor Ms. Yu Watase. The bid stretched to $3200, well beyond last year's $2250 limit for a Nobuteru Yuuki sketch. Anime auction bidding history is made here, folks, at Anime Expo.
Stage shot of the SPJA Awards Ceremony. Shown here are the two directors chairs for Best Anime Music Videos, Karaoke Awards, Modeling Awards, Anime Industry Awards, and the SPJA Charity Check for $16,000 to the City of Hope.
Stage shot of several items displayed for the SPJA Charity Auction. Items in this arena are anything from books to posters all autographed by past and current Guests of Honor and sell for hundreds to thousands of dollars.
AX Masquerade has become the leading legendary call for all anime fans to gather in large groups to see and display their costumes and even anime-inspired acting talents on stage in the huge convention center. This year, over 75 attendees in costume gathered to do just that, once again showing some great anime costume design and offering the packed audiences quite a sight to see. After the Masquerade performances, press and fan photography was moved outside into a large hallway where costumers could proudly display what their stage performances could not.

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