Anime Expo always provides its attendees with a full lineup of events to pick and choose from. With a multiple-track program consisting of panels, events, shows and film premieres, AX '97 certainly didn't leave anyone bored. Exhausted, yes, but not bored.

What convention is complete without its own teeming masses of crazy (or "dedicated," as they would have you believe) fans who are willing to dress up as their favorite characters? For many attendees, the highlight of Anime Expo is the Masquerade, because it allows the fans to interact with each other and show their artistry and sometimes their acting ability. The Masquerade allowed fans to parade before the audience and "strut their stuff." And strut many of them did.

Clockwise from top left: Z-Ram bites the dust, Ginrei and Genya, a hilarious Ranma 1/2 skit, and the Magic Knight Rayearth cast.

Clockwise from top left: Linna and Gourry, The Star Lights, a menacing-looking Gendou, and—whoa—an on-stage marriage proposal!
The masquerade contestants line up one more time for the big  photo-op with great audience applause.
Highlights included the girls from Magic Knight Rayearth, Miaka from Fushigi Yuugi, the Sailor Starlights (cosplayed by members of both genders) and a whole assortment of other characters from popular shows. After a bit of deliberation, AX's panel of judges returned with their list of winners:

Best of Show:        Z-RAM Bytes the Dust
(Dave Ramsay and Kimberly Johnson)
Best Before & After: Chibi Usa & Black Lady
(Anita McCreery and Tonia Baghdassarian)
Best Couples Costuming: Giant Robo - Ginrei & Genya
(Susan Nocilla and George Kantarankias)
Best Group Construction: Rayearth
(Cynthia Davida, Sionna (Shawnna) Klassen, Kristen Huntsman and Aaron Arce)
Best Ensemble Performance
with Excellent Pratfalls:
Ranma Cast
(Chris Bowen, Nicole Chen, Darryl Hwang, Alain Cataga and Miko Estacio)
Best Couples Performance: Linna & Gourry
(Monique Celeste and Matt Howard)
Best Character Continuity: The Three Lights
(Connie Chen, Alice Edwards and Kim Lim)
Special Two Years in the Making
Uncanny Resemblance Award:
Gendou Ikari
(Widya Santoso)
Special Prize Best Expo '97
On-Stage Marriage Proposal Award:
Jean and Nadia
(Tom Jansen and Aleta Groening)
Judges Award: Isamu Dyson, Kaitou St. Tail, Deedlit
(Lance Weber, Joyce Lim, Victoria Hamilton)
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