As the weekend drew to a close, the convention wound down and the LAX Hilton started to return to normal. By Tuesday, the last signs of Anime Expo 97 were removed from the hotel and placed in storage for next year. The nearly 4,000 fans had gone back home to tell their friends about their adventures, the staff had gone home to recover and catch up on lost sleep, the Guests of Honor had been placed on planes to return home to Japan. The largest Anime Expo ever had drawn to a close.

But plans were already underway for Anime Expo '98. If you attended Anime Expo '97, we would love to see you again this year. And if these pages were your first introduction to Anime Expo, perhaps you can join us so you can see for yourself what it is all about.
Clockwise from top left: Ms. Shibahara dons Taka's bunny ears for the Closing Ceremonies; the registration staff faces a massive July 4th crowd; interpreters Yoshi and Sarah strike a pose for the camera.
From the staff of Anime Expo '97: "Thanks for the memories, everyone!  And we'll see you next year!"

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