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  Hosted by emcee Lord Gargoyle of Neo-Atlantis, the Masquerade gathered in a whopping... 400 anime fans!  A paltry sum for today's numbers, but back then it was pretty darn cool.  Judges were Ben Dunn (Ninja High School), Jerry Beck (Streamline Pictures), and Robert Woodhead (AnimEigo).  Sit back and relax, folks, as we take you on a guided tour through the Masquerade before it was even called Masquerade.  That's right, we called it the Costume Contest!  *gasp!*
It is a rumored legend that when Phantom of the Opera came out, we decided to change the name to Masquerade.  Who knows!

Grandis Trio #1 from Secret of Blue Water The infamous Dirty Pair
Leon McNichol from Bubblegum Crisis' AD Police

Ranma, Mousse, and P-chan from Ranma 1/2 battle out on stage. Lupin and Jigen from Lupin the 3rd play rock-paper-scissors.
It's *gasp!* Phil Yee as Ryouga from Ranma 1/2 A glorious song indeed, "I'm a Gamilon, I'm okay!" as sung by a Gamilon Pilot from Space Cruiser Yamato.

Ranma-chan, Akane, Ranma-kun, and Genma from Ranma 1/2
Grandis Trio #2 from Secret of Blue Water Goku from Midnight Eye Goku "To walk around in this much leather in this weather has its own rewards," followed by whistles and catcalls from surrounding female fans.

Ranma-kun from Ranma 1/2 "I'm from the manga series, in black and white," followed by thunderous laughs.
Ranma-chan from Ranma 1/2 One of many instances where a military unit mistakes Anime Expo for foreign invasion. A total of 9 Ranmas pile up on stage for a total Ranma battle until Akane shows up on stage with a... cat!

Desslock returns from space to reap the benefits of mere earthly applause "Desslock! Desslock! Desslock!"

Yuri, male Akane, Minky Momo, Madoka, and Kei duke it out for best anime female. Lupin and Jigen accept award for Best Recreation.
Ranma-chan, Ryouga, Akane, Genma, and Ranma-kun accept award for Best Presentation.

Grandis Trio #2 accept award for Best Construction. Ranma-kun accepts award for Best Manga Translation for Ranma Manga (Silliness Award #1).

Gamilon Pilot accepts award for Best Use of Other Contestants for own Advantage (Silliness Award #2). But wait, there's more!
Best Villians in Knickers:
Grandis Trio #1 and #2
Special Lifetime Achievement Award:
Kei and Yuri
Best Cross Dressing Award:
Ranma Saotome
Best Villian:
Lord Gargoyle of Neo-Atlantis
Best Anime Animal:
Cutest Girl in Anime:
Madoka of Orange Road
Coolest Under Fire Award:
Goku and Leon McNichol