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Japanese Guests of Honor
  Following is our official list of guests attended from both Japan and America covering a vast medium of directors, producers, artists, voice actors, and industry executives.

Buichi Terasawa  Master manga artist writing and drawing such works as Kabuto, Cobra, and Midnight Eye Goku, his works have enjoyed tremendous applause after being turned into stylish anime works produced by Junco Ito (also attending).

Yoshiyuki Tomino  Original mastermind and anime producer of the phenomenally popular Gundam anime series, Tomino brought to the United States his views of the future and insights into the history of Gundam, where it came from, and where it could go.

Haruhiko Mikimoto Well known for his character designs for Macross TV series, Macross the Movie, Macross Flashback 2012, Megazone 23, Orguss, and much more, Mikomoto shared with us his views about the anime industry and thoughts about Macross.

Keiji Nakazawa  Known for his popular English-translated manga Barefoot Gen, Nakazawa brought to us his views about the manga, Japanese vs. American cultures, and more insights that made him a celebrity in cultural academia.


American Guests
  Benn Dunn  Best known for his wildly popular American manga Ninja High School and owning creations such as Mighty Tiny and Tiger-X, he started the independent comics publishing company Antarctic Press in 1985, which published titles such as Mangazine and Furrlough.

Ken Iyadomi  Executive producer of Macross II, Guyver, and several other hits released by U.S. Renditions, Ken was also a member of the Akira Committee, the group behind Katsuhiro Otomo's brilliant and groundbreaking anime film Akira.  He was also president of Hero Communications, a company devoted to proper importation of Japanese animation into the United States.

Trish Ledoux  Best known for her role as the editor and guiding light of Animag Magazine, she is also credited as English translator of Gunbuster and would soon rise to a higher level of stardom with Animerica and a new Viz Communications.

Robert Napton Associate Producer of U.S. Renditions, among his many works were Macross II, Gunbuster, Dangaioh, Orguss, Appleseed, and Black Magic M-66.

John O'Donnell President of U.S. Manga Corps, among his many works were the sensational Project A-Ko, Dominion, and The Humanoid.

Claude Pelletier Publisher and Editor at Ianus Publications, the creators of Protoculture Addicts Magazine, the Anime Posterzine, and the Anime Shower Special.

David Riddick Associate Producer at U.S. Renditions, among his many works were Macross II, Gunbuster, Dangaioh, Appleseed, and Black Magic M-66.

Fred Schodt One of the most respected members of the anime community, among his many contributions were the expertly translated Gundam novels and his authoritative book on the history of japanese comics, Manga! Manga!

Steve Wang  One of the co-directors of the live-action Guyver movie released by New Line Cinema, he was also costume designer for Batman Returns, Predator, Guyver and a voice actor for the English-dubbed Macross II.

Robert Woodhead  President and founder of AnimEigo, among his numerous translated were Madox-01, Riding Bean, Bubblegum Crisis 1-8, Bubblegum Crash! 1-3, and Vampire Princess Miyu.

Toshi Yoshida  Best known for his role as editor and translator of Animag Magazine, he has an extensive list of translation credits and would soon rise to a higher level of stardom with the birth of Animerica and a new Viz Communications.

Also attending Anime Expo 92 were: Jerry Beck (Streamline Pictures), Lois Buhollis, Robert Fennilong, Lea Hernandez (Viz Communications), Seji Horibuchi, Shawn Klekner, Carl Macek (Streamline Pictures), Luke Menichelli (Animenomious!), and Jeff Thompson (Animenomious!).