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Opening Ceremonies
  Greeted with thunderous applause from anime fans from all over the world, Master of Ceremonies Jeff Okamoto and AX92 Chairman Mike Tatsugawa warmed up the crowd with introductions of the Japanese Guests of Honor and American Guests (detailed Guest info can be read in our Guests section). Listed as attending AX92 were: (from Japan) Buichi Terasawa, Haruhiko Mikimoto, Yoshiyuki Tomino, Keiji Nakzawa, Jerry Beck, Lois Buhollis, Ben Dunn, Robert Fennilong, Lea Hernandez, Seji Horibuchi, Ken Iyadomi, Shawn Klekner, Trish Ledoux, Carl Macek, Robert Napton, John O'Donnell, Fred Schodt, Steve Wang, Robert Woodhead, and Toshi Yoshida.  New to the domestic anime convention arena was the newly formed SPJA, introduced as the Society of the Promotion of Japanese Animation, a non-profit group of individuals who, with partners L.A. Hero, U.S. Renditions, and Viz Communications, would pull many long hard hours to make sure Anime Expo would become the number one international anime convention in the world.  Anime Expo 92 also presented its first opening animation produced by RIAP (Running Ink Animation Productions) titled BayScape 2042 and headed by David Ho.
View of the "large" attendance during Opening Ceremonies.

Master of Ceremonies Jeff Okamoto
AX92 Chairman Mike Tatsugawa Haruhiko Mikimoto expresses his well-wishing for the convention and all anime fans.

Buichi Terasawa greets the audience with a quick and cool introduction.

Yoshiyuki Tomino delights the audience with an English greeting.
Scene from BayScape2042 Scene from BayScape 2042


Game Show
  Hosted by Chris Keller, the Anime Expo Game Show quickly drew in crowds with its hilarious answers to some nearly impossible or outrageous questions posed in Jeopardy game show style.  The best contestants were weeded out through many rounds and many prizes were given out, such as garage kits, anime magazines, and anime tapes. 

Such questions used for the show are listed below presented along with images of the Game Show:
  • Where did Max and Miria meet socially for the first time?
  • Name the Tezuka series Mikimoto worked on.
  • Who is Johnny Winters in the English version of Megazone 23?
  • Who is Fireball from Sabre Rider and the Star Sheriffs?
  • In Bubblegum Crisis 7, what city does the story begin in?
  • What is the name of the motorcycle Priss drives at the end of Bubblegum Crisis 4?
  • What character in the Battle of the Planets is not in the original Gatchaman?
  • In Silent Mobius the Movie, what does AMP stand for?
  • In Arion, whose sword does Arion wield throughout the movie?
  • In Gundam 0083, what vegetable is Kou Uraki afraid of?
  • In Zeta Gundam, what did Camille Vidan and Four Murasame have in common?
  • In Urusei Yatsura, what is Ran's secret power?
  • What is Rumiko Takahashi's favorite American comic character?
  • What is the humanoid form of the Orguss mecha called?
  • What did Tobor the Eighth Man have to do to re-energize himself?
  • Which mecha show first featured the linear cockpit?
  • In Future Boy Conan, what weapon was responsible for the future devastation of Earth?
  • In the Dirty Pair TV series, who is Yuri's first childhood sweetheart?
  • Who is the only other human WWWA agent Kei worked with besides Yuri in the Dirty Pair TV show?


Meet the Guests Reception
  Presented here are images of the grand Guests Reception where fans could enjoy chatting informally with the Guests of Honor as well as giving on-the-spot interviews for their fan magazines (a Press section never existed at that time).  Featured guests were Yoshiyuki Tomino, Junko Ito (producer with Terasawa), Buichi Terasawa, and Haruhiko Mikimoto. 


SPJA Awards Ceremony
  The Society for the Promotion of Japanese Animation hosted for the first time in 1992 its highly regarded SPJA Awards Ceremony to award excellence in the Japanese animation and comics industry in both the United States and Japan. To this day, the SPJA industry awards are the oldest of its type in this country.  Following is the list of the winners:

Best Premiere: Macross II
Best Subbed/Dubbed Premiere: Macross II
Best Film: Silent Mobius
Best OAV: Record of Lodoss War
Best TV Show: Nadia
Most Popular Male: Ranma
Most Popular Female: Nadia
Most Popular Non-human: P-chan
Best Anime Album: Macross the Complete
Best Manga: Ranma 1/2
Best American Animation Film: Beauty and the Beast
Best Subbed/Dubbed Film: Project A-Ko
Best Subbed/Dubbed OAV: Bubble Gum Crisis 8
Best Subbed/Dubbed Company: AnimEigo
Best Anime Publication: Animag
Best Translated Manga: Appleseed
Mike Tatsugawa Presents the first annual SPJA Awards Ceremony.

Robert Woodhead accepts awards on behalf of the production companies behind most of the winners.

Neil Nadelman accepts awards on behalf of U.S. Manga Corps.