Packing in the attendees, every panel, event, or activity offered something to learn from, whether you were into the discussion subject or not, as shown below with a brief description of each session.  This weekend's explorations delve straight into the heart of current fandom that lies in the surging excitement of cosplay, reminiscing about all of 2001's awesome anime con circuit, as well as new and exciting venues to focus on for the next year.

Sugoi Con 2001
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 Opening Ceremonies: Emcee Isaac Sher opened up Sugoi Con 2001 with grand introductions of the "usual suspects", America's finest band of brothers: Neil Nadelman, Robert DeJesus, Doug Smith, Steve Bennett, and Scott Frazier, as well as giving notice to fan favorites like Dave Merrill, Matt Miller, The Haze Man, and many more to help turn the hotel upside down!
 What's Up at Studio IronCat?Steve Bennett and Doug Smith highlighted a greater grasp towards the traditional unflipped versions of manga they bring over, starting with Vampire Princess Miyu, and would include handy margin kanji translations not easy to interpret at the colloquial level. Additional titles in the calendar also included: Vampire Yui, Dalia, Futaba no Change (ending soon), You and Me, possible yaoi titles in the works, and release of a new IronCat Calendar for 2002-2003.
 Working with Photoshop: Aric Whelan and Yad M. Mui of Imbrium Studios gave an intense tutorial on the advanced use of Adobe Photoshop's powerful tools including applications of colored lights, managing brightness levels, applying shadows, working with and managing different effects through multiple layers, keeping a keen eye on the overall project as you work towards your finished goal, and using inexpensive pen tablet interfaces like Wacom tablets.  And remember to save your projects often!
 SlayersThe world of Slayers is one grand adventure after another as multiple worlds governed by four staffs reaching out through a Sea of Chaos breathe life and magic into a unique blend of culture and races, not unlike the European Middle Ages.  The main characters Lina Inverse, Gourry, Zelgadiss, Xellos, Amelia, Sylphiel, Filia, Valgarv, and the unforgettably busty Naga all come together in a great search for treasures and conquests highlighted with lots of magical spells, sword battles, and of course, tons of comedy.
 Superdimensional Panel MacrossGiant whales in space a grand illusion?  Not so in the whacky Macross 7 universe as panelists talked about various fold systems and poachers in Macross Dynamite 7, protoculture phenomena, all the giant things about Zentraedi life, and the cute "bridge bunnies".  The American consensus about Macross?  General Macross fandom is like the Gundam fan communities: Macross will never die!

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