Sakura Con 2003 held an absolutely fabulous Cosplay Masquerade Night with a large number of skit performances and presentations.  Most of the outstanding skit presentations were so well done and very funny, and that made it difficult for the judges to pick out the favorites because they were all really good!  Please enjoy the 6 pages of the night captured exclusively here on Linus Lam Network News for 2003!

SakuraCon 2003
Masquerade Night 5

Whose Duel is it Anyway?  A volunteer from the audience must duel for the love of Anthy Rose!

Aeka, Sasami and... Ryoko... show their cheerleading camp spirit for Tenchi.  Tenchi, you better run for your life! 
Young Donuts: Not all anime is restricted to the big screen in this high noon dual Vash standoff just like the Young Guns movie.
Welcome to the Jungle!  It's the Anime Dating Game with Rurouni Kenshin brought to the stage featuring some hilariously naughty metaphorical answers to innocent dating questions.
Characters from Final Fantasy X-2 duke it out X-2 music video style!
Even without her cronies James and Meowth, the fabulous Jessie performs a solo version of a Team Rocket Poem.  The show must go on!
Winner: Judge's Award: Best Monologue
On to the Awards Show of the SakuraCon 2003 Cosplay Night!

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