Sakura Con 2003 held an absolutely fabulous Cosplay Masquerade Night with a large number of skit performances and presentations.  Most of the outstanding skit presentations were so well done and very funny, and that made it difficult for the judges to pick out the favorites because they were all really good!  Please enjoy the 6 pages of the night captured exclusively here on Linus Lam Network News for 2003!

SakuraCon 2003
Masquerade Night 4

The Hair Band: Nabeshin attempts to provide life and death advice to Touga's... pimple problems.

It's a grand cosplay revolution as Utena and Anthy perform the Utena opening theme song in sign language.
Winner: Judge's Award: Best Child Performance

How to Succeed in Final Fantasy Without Really Trying: characters from the popular video game have a little spat on cheap tactics.
San from Mononoke Hime performed a dramatic and inspiring song to reflect the tension in the movie.
Winner: Judge's Award: Best Dramatic Performance
Duo Maxwell X 3!  It's another round of Gundam Wing good vs. evil madness with one too many Duos wreaking havoc!

It's Anime Survivor as various anime and game characters gather yet again to cast the final vote: Asuka Langley is booted off the Island!

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