Having only been able to attend one full day and night, LLNN got a good capture of the fan spirit behind the convention's full programming schedule.  Featuring various panels involving Q&A guest interviews, game shows, fan fiction interviews, video game tournaments, how-to workshops, and more, attendees had plenty to see and do if interacting with the fan community was part of their thrill. 

Events Programming

"You Don't Know Anime" quiz show. Contestants challenged their anime brains with quizzical tests of anime/manga intellect and memory. "You Don't Know Anime" quiz show. "You Don't Know Anime" quiz show.
Autograph session for Mari Iijima, actress/singer for her Minmay character in the phenomenally popular Japanese TV series Macross (known as Robotech the Macross Saga here in the USA) and Macross the Movie in the early 80's. Shot of Mari during a small photo opportunity moment after her autograph session. Q&A Interview panel for Mari Iijima.  She is happily married and has been living in Los Angeles with her husband and 2 kids for 9 years now.  For more information on her albums and press photos, you can browse her website at: http://www.marimusic.com/
Q&A Interview with Hiroyuki Yamaga (far left) and Iipongi Bang (green hair in the middle).  Hiroyuki Yamaga mostly answered questions about his involvement with the famous Gainax Studio and Evangelion success as well as future prospects.  Iipongi and her entourage of fellow manga artists answered many questions about their popular manga stories, social lives, and of course, their costumes. More of the Iipongi Bang Interview.  Iipongi Bang spent most of her time parading around the convention as her own fan-favorite Rumiko Takahashi character, Lum, from Urusei Yatsura. Shot of Mari Iijima after her concert held after Saturday night's Masquerade.  She sung some of her songs from her new album and one old encore favorite from the Macross Movie, "Do You Remember Love?" with piano accompaniment. You could say it was Mari Iijima: Unplugged.
Held late at night on both friday and saturday was the all-time favorite karaoke.  Fans could just let out their passion for good songs and not worry about how bad they sounded.   Actually, most sounded very good. Karaoke never gathered large crowds, but definitely sustained a constant trickle of attendees browsing the music books and taking a chance up at the microphone for a freewheeling musical spin. And it went on and on and on...

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