Since we only attended Saturday's events, we could only glance at the other days' summary of events and guess that they went well.  Friday's main events were the FanimeCon99 Opening Ceremonies and the first round of "You Don't Know Anime" game show.   Saturday's main events were the Masquerade, San Jose Taiko Drum performance, Mari Iijima's concert, the second round of "You Don't Know Anime" game show, Q&A sessions with Mari Iijima, Iipongi Bang, Hiroyuki Yamaga, Allen Hastings, Fred Schodt, Studio Ironcat, and Gilles Poitras, and the Dance.   Sunday's main events were the Mark Koch Plastic Pixel panel, Anime For Beginners panel, Cel Enthusiasts' panel, Cel Painting workshop with Steve Bennet, and additional Q&A sessions with Allen Hastings, Mari Iijima, Iipongi Bang, and Hiroyuki Yamaga. For those attendees needing to take a load off their feet, several Video Programming Rooms showing a wide assortment of anime and even Hong Kong films were available showing the latest and greatest titles.  Additional space for Art Show was alotted for fan artists wishing to display and sell their colorful works.  Aside from the convention-held panels, events, and activities, fans themselves also provided much of the various interactive amusements and sights to see.

Miscellaneous Coverage

A World of Anime fan interview takes place inside the Dealer's Room.  World of Anime is a public access cable broadcast show that focuses on anime and manga trends in America.  Shown here is anchorman Daniel Snyder as Kaworu Nagisa (Evangelion) with his cameraman Ace Tam.   For more information about World of Anime, you can reach them at: Another World of Anime interview taking place outside of the Masquerade.   Featured is a young Sailor Venus shaking hands with anchorman Brandon and his camerabuddy Ralph in tow. Another World of Anime interview taking place just outside one of the Video Programming Rooms.   Three costumed fans have an engaging chat with anchorman "Agent 760" and his cameradude Jimmy.
A noteworthy sight of two female fans capturing their own moment of glory with Iipongi Bang in her Lum costume inside of the Dealer's Room. Shown here is part of the Artists' Ghetto where fans could show off their anime art skills and maybe even sell some of their private stash. Shown here is more of the Artists' Ghetto.  Various artists used a wide range of media such as colored pencils, cel paints, inks, and even a computer using Photoshop and digital tablet.
View of the Wyndham Hotel, where most of the convention activities were held. View of the Wyndham Hotel. Need a rest from it all?  The hotel catered to the tired and hungry and thirsty with its own cafe parlor and restaurant (not shown).
View of the Santa Clara Convention Center where the Masquerade, Taiko Drum performance, and Mari Iijima's Concert were held on Saturday night. Located only a few miles away across from Great America, the Center offered arrangements for a theater and two simulcast video rooms.  Since the theater could only seat a certain maximum of attendees wishing to see the Masquerade, tickets were issued out on a first-come first-serve basis at the hotel, and video simulcast rooms were offered for those who couldn't make it to the theater but still wanted to see the event.  Transportation access to and from the SCCC and the Hotel were either by car or by convenient San Jose Light Rail, in which stations were located right across the street. Registration was no problem and almost no lines were visible on Saturday.  For more information on FanimeCon and its events you can reach them at: Proof that Linus Lam Network News did buy a Saturday badge and did its duty for the world.

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