From film books to manga series, resin kits to stuffed plushies, CDs to LDs, and t-shirts to towels, the FanimeCon99 Dealers Room had it all.  Open every convention day, this year's room was jam-packed with more dealers, more tables, and more of everything under the anime sun, and we haven't even covered the lines of attendees formed to get in and spend that rainy-day dough.  An average wait was about an hour, and you can be sure no one's wallet left unscathed for the first round.  Shown below are a collection of shots taken throughout the hall including great high shots that will give one an idea of how packed it was.

Dealers Room

Stacked to the ceiling!  This is the layout of an average dealers booth. Pokemon Pikachus were a very big attraction this year.  No item with Pikachu was spared. Shown here are large t-shirts and tableclothes. A candid shot taken of two dealers taking part in the convention-wide masquerade ritual.
One of two of those famous (and sometimes annoying) sticker-picture machines. Crowd shot of the east end of the Dealer's Room Big name Manga Entertainment showed up to pawn their excellent selection of anime and non-anime films.
Crowd shot of the west end of the Dealer's Room Crowd shot of the north end of the Dealer's Room Crowd shot of the south end of the Dealer's Room
More of those big Pokemon Pikachus for sale next to a Playstation video games booth Crowd shot of the south end of the Dealer's Room Fred Schodt (rightmost) relaxing a bit while selling his great Dreamland Japan book and other non-fiction works.
Balloons at one booth helped boost a little festive spirit into their customers. Oops!   Forgot to mention the plush Pikachu backpacks!  Guys, get some for your girlfriends!  Parents, get some for your kids! A local favorite in San Jose, Nikaku Animart brought in their usual best of the best posters, stuffed plushies, desk tablets, and a wide assortment of other anime treasures.

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