That's right, we also came here for a grand wedding, held only in Char-Style!  Inviting all the close friends and relatives, this one is sure to have lasting memories for all involved.  This LLNN exclusive brings you exciting photos from our California and Vegas Unit for CharCon2000.  Please sit back, relax, and enjoy the photos!

Wedding Gallery 2

Lovely bridesmaids and mothers line up as... ...the bride and groom take their place at the alter.
The couple complete their vows underneath an altar festooned with traditional ornate Jewish wedding decorations. The dance combined traditional Jewish festive beats with tunes of Sera Myu musical themes into an eclectic mix of party rhythms sure to inspire lifelong memories.
Let's cut the cake! Char: "No no, honey, you have to open your mouth or I'll smear it all over your... look, your nose is now orange!"
Char: "1.. 2..." Char: "3!"
The lucky Diana of caught the bouquet! Char and Diana
The official wedding dance: Char and "Hulk" Joshuaaaa! Spin!
Wedding gift from Gina and Chrissy: a mini-Char!  Note: it's hand-made by Setsuna Kou! And after the festivities, it's off to a Sera Myu concert in Japan for the honeymoon!

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