Ready the troops!  Man all battle stations!  Cosplayers are coming in from all sides to invade your neighborhood!  This LLNN exclusive brings you exciting photos from our California and Vegas Unit for CharCon2000.  Please sit back, relax, and enjoy the photos!

Tour Gallery 1:
The Laguna Invasion

Taking a walk on the wild side.  The Minako twins lead the pack towards high adventure. Scrawny Laguna (Wayne) guards his fortress flag while Scrawny Squall (Chrissy) and company looks on from across the street.
Group cover shot for Expose! This is OUR street!  Don't mess with us or Squall's gonna sick the GunBlade on you!
Wayne: "OK, here's the plan..." Erin: "Trick or treat!"
Erin: "That's right, bub!  Come out with yer hands up or your dear pet kitty gets it!" Erin: "Oops, sorry man, wrong residence..."
Char: "It was Squall's fault!  She made us do it!  Honest!"
Wayne: *snicker*
Chrissy: "Aauurghh..."
Char: "Stay tuned for our next adventure, folks!"

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