Every LLNN excursion has its outtakes and we thought we'd like to share some of them with you...  Take note, we're not responsible for any mental atrocities this may cause.  ^_^

Oddities and Outtakes

Chrissy: "That's right, baby.  Who'z da man.  Squall here'z got the pimp threads!  And I got better belts, to boot." Chrissy: "It's all about SHAFT!  Hey, Samuel L. Jackson's got some leather jacket thing going on, I might as well, too."
Chrissy: "Yeah, baby, Darth is the MAN."
Gina: "You have no idea how many people are staring at us...."
Darth Vader: "Hey! Security!"
Chrissy: "Hey, Lionel!  Get a pic of me hacking Reinoa in half!"
Gina: "Bababababababa!"
Wayne: "Women..."
Natalie: *whack!*
Lisa: *whack!*
Char: "Yummy!"
Char: "Oh please..."
Darth Vader: "..."
Erin: "Shazam!" Natalie: "Quit fooling around with the gummy fishes, Erin!"
Erin: "Waaahh!"
Char: "Eat your vitamin C, children!" Char: "Fanboy bait!"

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