On July 4th, 1997, the sixth annual Anime Expo kicked off three days of non-stop anime at the LAX Hilton in Los Angeles, California. As Anime Expo returned to its 1995 site, the staff prepared for holiday crowds, hoping to provide them with another exciting year of anime excess. 

With a great list of Guests of Honor and a large list of special events, Anime Expo was prepared for a big crowd, expecting record numbers to turn out for the event, but with the first day of the convention falling on Independence Day, Friday's registration was overwhelming. The registration line snaked around the upper floor of the hotel. That day alone saw a 39% increase in activity. 

After the weekend had settled and AX staffers were packing up, the final tally for attendees were rung up: nearly 4,000 people had been to Anime Expo 1997 during its three days duration. While small when compared to other national conventions like E3 or the Detroit Car Show, these numbers still prove that fans everywhere across the world agree: Anime Expo is the premiere anime convention in the United States.
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