What can anyone say about the biggest event of the weekend, the Masquerade?  By far it is the largest and most anticipated event ever for anime fans from all walks of life and this year's AX2003 was perhaps the biggest yet!

Anime Expo 2003
Masquerade Page 4

Ranma Saotome's got anger management issues as he or she? deals with inner turmoil and well, he's just pissed.

Lily and Haruka presented their craftsmanship displays of Ivy and Taki from Soul Caliber 2.
Winner!  Laura Feeney's Judge's Award, Craftsmanship
Asuka Langley from Evangelion grabs the spotlight with a craftsmanship display of her plugsuit.
Winner!  Max & Debbie Callahan's Judge's Award, Craftsmanship

Sieg Jion Productions presented MS-07 Gouf from Gundam 8th MS Team
Winner!  Best of Show, Craftsmanship Individual
East and West joined together in this lovely operatic presentation with characters from Final Fantasy 6.

Crayon Shin-chan cracks up the audience with his performance of "Renai Revolution 21" by Morning Musume.
It's another celebrity version of Anime Jeopardy with Anime Eureka Food from Japan.  But don't expect all the right answers!

South by Southwest Cosplay presented Soul Calibur Reloaded with inspiration from Matrix Reloaded
Gamblers Yuna and Paine from Final Fantasy X-2 presented their craftsmanship displays.  Casino time!
AX2003 Masquerade Winners:
Best of Show, Presentation: #1: The Light Warriors (Kingdom Hearts) 
Best of Show, Craftsmanship Individual: #55: Sieg Jion Productions (MS-07 Gouf Zaku)
Jesse Dawson's Judge's Award, Craftsmanship: #46: CAPP (Paradise Kiss) 
Max & Debbie Callahan's Judge's Award, Craftsmanship: #54: Second Child (Evangelion)
Laura Feeney's Judge's Award, Presentation: #44: Otaku V All (Macross crew)
Honorable Mention, Craftsmanship, Group: #41: Mirror Image (Fushigi Yuugi)
Honorable Mention, Presentation: #31: Yu-Gi-Oh-My-God! (Yu-Gi-Oh!)
Design Award, Craftsmanship: #8: Masqued Bandits (Escaflowne)
Best of Show, Craftsmanship, Group: #5: Bika (Spirited Away) 
Best of Show, Junior/Youth: #3: Mini Magical Girls (Tokyo Mew-Mew)
Laura Feeney's Judge's Award, Craftsmanship: #53: Lily and Haruka (Soul Caliber 2) 
Jesse Dawson's Judge's Award, Presentation: #35: Sakura Mochi (Summon Nights 2)
Max & Debbie Callahan's Judge's Award, Presentation: #4: U.F.O.: Uber-Freakish Obsession (Pita Ten)
Honorable Mention, Craftsmanship, Individual: #52: Witch Hunter Robin
Honorable Mention, Presentation: #30: Anime Chicks Gone Chicago (X, Ayashi no Ceres, Cowboy Bebop, Chobits, Lupin III)

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