What can anyone say about the biggest event of the weekend, the Masquerade?  By far it is the largest and most anticipated event ever for anime fans from all walks of life and this year's AX2003 was perhaps the biggest yet!

Anime Expo 2003
Masquerade Page 3

Kentucky Fried Cosplay presented an alternative anime world of Vash Ketchum versus Pichu.
Tinker Stitch Cosplay presented Mirror Image with characters from Fushigi Yugi and a mesmerizing stage performance.
Winner!  Honorable Mention, Craftsmanship, Group

StarCrossed Senshi introduced those beautiful fighting senshi of the Outer Planets from Sailor Moon.
Otaku V is ready to recruit you with their Macross crew and a great dancing soundtrack of Village People's "In The Navy".
Winner!  Laura Feeney's Judge's Award, Presentation

Sera Myu takes the stage with the Inner Planets performing La Soldier with dance and those lovely sailor senshi moves.

For all you artsy majors out there, CAPP debuted the fashionably fashionable characters from the hit manga series Paradise Kiss.
Winner!  Jesse Dawson's Judge's Award, Craftsmanship
O^2 teased and tawdled with characters from Hunter X Hunter grooving on to David Bowie's "Magic Dance".
Cosplay Complex presented wacky characters from Digi Charat demonstrating a little stage ParaPara.
The Experts of Cosplay have done it again planning a skit while waiting backstage at the Masquerade.

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