What can anyone say about the biggest event of the weekend, the Masquerade?  By far it is the largest and most anticipated event ever for anime fans from all walks of life and this year's AX2003 was perhaps the biggest yet!

Anime Expo 2003
Masquerade Page 2

Instant Noodles Cosplay presented Sora from Kingdom Hearts who's just a little bit miffed about fighting with a wimpy Keyblade.

Sailor Jamboree presented a frightful Sera Myu version of Cell Block Tango with the nightmarish villains and dreaming Usagi.

Drunken Monkeys presented anime males defending their turf while the lone female decides to seek alternative romantic interludes.
Anime Chicks Gone Chicago!  Women get their revenge on those dastardly men with characters from X, Ayashi no Ceres, Cowboy Bebop, Chobits, and Lupin III.
Honorable Mention, Presentation
Yu-Gi-Oh-My-God!  Dueling heroes from YuGiOh duke it out with a slew of wild and amusing cards from an alternative deck.
Honorable Mention, Presentation
So you wanna be an RPG character? Sakura Mochi showed you how it's done with good guys, villians, and magical priestesses from Summon Nights 2.
Jesse Dawson's Judge's Award, Presentation

Just bust a nut!  SSCA presented Padodu from Maho Yugi who finds a way to play with feudal Japan's Inuyasha world with a bag of those irresistible CornNuts.

The Elite Battalion of DragonSlayers presented Chii possessed by the devils of fashion hell with magic, suspense, and fashion exorcism.

Ed from Cowboy BeBop is at it again as she mangles yet another mp3 addict's laptop with a nasty virus.

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