The most popular parts of the anime convention scene are the panels and discussion groups that speak out for unique interests pertaining to the hobbyist in all of us.  This year at SakuraCon 2003, numerous panels packed in the crowds to listen in and emphasize fan participation.  In this section of the convention environment, we'll show you some of the exciting panels to be at throughout the busy weekend schedule.

SakuraCon 2003
Panels and Discussions 3

Cosplay Men in Tights: It's a family affair!  Cosplay panelists Widya Santoso, Melissa Quinn, and Dave Tucket discussed the expanding roles of men in the cosplay fandom.  Topics included action players, video games, being manly decorations for female cosplayers, and favorite male characters to cosplay like Captain Avatar, Van, Gundam pilots, and video game characters.

Anime at the Improv: Fandom doesn't get any funnier as the panel exhibited the best of the funniest ever displays of improvisation bravado and looniess.  Daring topics to poke fun at included Gundam Wing, Fushigi Yugi, bishounens in anime, magical girl cries, gay confessions, Inuyasha, Love Hina, Slayers, Ranma 1/2, and much more.

Metallurgy of the Japanese Sword: Metallurgist and swordsman Guy Letoureau talked about the physics and chemistry behind those fabulous Japanese swords of myths, legends, and reality.  Topics included basic smelting, molten steel forms, coloring, recognizing carbon content, and family names attached to various forging processes.

AX Tokyo 2004: Planning and logistic is on for the biggest challenge ever for both Japanese and American anime convention staffers.  AX Tokyo will be held in January 16-18, 2004 in Sunshine City, Tokyo.  Topics included cosplay events, guests of honor, panels, workshops, hotels, transportation packages for Americans, and a packed schedule unlike any con ever conceived.

Additional panels and discussions held throughout the weekend included: Anime Club Gathering, Model Construction, Cosplay 101, Preparing for Cosplay Presentations, Shitajiki Pencil Boards, Bonsai, Webcomicry: Staging the Screen, Super Techno Arts, Urban Vision, Manga Entertainment, Anime RPGs, Japanese Slang, Parents Guide to Anime, Anime on the Internet, Impact of "Hikaru no Go" on the Growth of Go, Traveling in Japan, Understanding Cultural References in Anime, Introduction to Shoujo Roleplaying, Otaku Mocumentary, Anime Music Guessing Game, XYZ and You, AD Vision, Pioneer Entertainment, Cosplay 201, Metal Casting for Cosplay, Funimation, Dark Horse, Anime trading Cards and Swap Meet, Martial Arts: Open Discussion, ANCEA General Meeting, Japanese Woodblock Prints, Costuming on the Cheap, and much more.

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