The most popular parts of the anime convention scene are the panels and discussion groups that speak out for unique interests pertaining to the hobbyist in all of us.  This year at SakuraCon 2003, numerous panels packed in the crowds to listen in and emphasize fan participation.  In this section of the convention environment, we'll show you some of the exciting panels to be at throughout the busy weekend schedule.

SakuraCon 2003
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Anime Dating Game: Plucked from the crowds of singles and interested curiosity seekers, players for the Anime Dating Game entered into another ground-breaking weekend of one-on-one social insanity.  From cosplayers to the casual attendee, a good crowd was started up and got the social juices flowing!

J-Rock: Hardcore J-Rock fans Ahna Blake, Theo Hua, and Matt Matherly gathered together to speak out about their ongoing fandom community and displayed books and artworks including such bands as Anthem, Hard Gear, AniMetal, Hide, Sex Machine Guns, Vigilante, Malice Mizer, Dir en Gray, and much more.

World of Elfquest: The First American Manga: DC Comics now has the rights to Elfquest and it's up to fate to see how well it does in its groundbreaking manga style format, with possibility of toys and a movie production in the conceptual areas.  Moderators also reviewed the popular Elfquest characters, fanfictions, and growing fanbases.

American Shoujo: From fan fictions to sexual exploration, the shoujo realm has many regions to explore.  Antonia Levi provided discussion on topics covering gender-bending, Buffy fandom, slash fictions, Sailor Moon, what women really wanna see, and Japanese manga influences around the world.

Living in Japan: To the casual tourist, Japan is a myriad of unexplored paved roads, quaint housing complexes, social extremes both forward and backward, language challenges, and transportation adventures.  Miss a train stop, and you could very well not get back home!  But it's not all that bad as panelist Laura Hoak-Kagey explained.  She has lived and survived in Japan and detailed her enthralling experiences to the curious audience.  Topics included geography, cultures, dialects, recreations, forests, and numerous peoples and places to visit for those interested in extended stays.

Make-up and Wigs for Cosplayers: For cosplayers and cosplay fashion designers alike, panelists Betty Bigelow, Shannon Gallardo, and Melissa Quinn were on hand to discuss the big frustrating subject of the day: Wigs!  Topics included wig conditioning spray, wig styling, choices of colors, care of wigs using beach combs, various wig stands, brushing techniques for long-lasting hold, shopping resources, removing knots, synthetic vs. natural wigs, using wig caps, use of curling rods, and much more.

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