Gaming is always a hot area and Sakura Con 2003 held numerous tournaments throughout the weekend to appease the fans who were into the gaming scene. This year's menu saw Go tables and boards, a brand new crop of video games, and Tabletop Role-Playing games for the interactive anime fans.  Tabletop RPGS consisted of: Bubblegum Crisis, BESM: Welcome to Lodoss, Demon City Shinjuku, Sailor Moon, Tenchi Muyou, Ranma 1/2, BESM: Animayhem, BESM: Vandread, Dominion Tank police, Pokemon, Yu-gi-oh, BESM: Blue Gender, Anime Fairy Meat, BESM: Cain, BESM: Dual Parallel Universe, BESM: Trigun, BESM: Hellsing, BESM: Seattle Neo 1 Noir, Winn Hornquist, and the glorious DragonBall Z CCG Tournament.

SakuraCon 2003
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