Gaming is always a hot area and Sakura Con 2003 held numerous tournaments throughout the weekend at the Hilton and in the adjacent Marriott Hotel to appease the fans who were into the gaming scene. This year's menu saw Go tables and boards, a brand new crop of video games, and Tabletop Role-Playing games for the interactive anime fans.  Video games consisted of: Soul Caliber 2, Halo, Tekken 4, Smash Brothers, Capcom vs. SNK 2, Guilty Gear XX, Dance Dance Revolution, and many more all for the Sega Dreamcast, Nintendo Gamecube, Microsoft X-Box, and Sony PlayStation 2.

UPDATE (4/21/2003): Thanks to SakuraCon 2003 staffers Steven Tate (LAN coordinator) and Eric Simon (Gaming Manager), we've received more great pictures covering the Marriott Hotel LAN/Arcade setup!  And it looks awesome!  Shown below is "The Wired" room, complete with Dance Dance Revolution Extreme machines, Para Para Paradise, Unreal Tournament 2003 winners and their nVidia prizes, an Anime Music Video contest, LAN gaming rigs, and much more!

SakuraCon 2003
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