SakuraCon 2003 hosted a load of weekend-packed events to see and participate in for all the attendees starved for excitement.  The programming schedule managed to pack in events like a Hall Costume Contest, Anime Music Video Contest, Fan Fiction Contest, Manga-drawing Contest, Scavenger Hunts, lots of Karaoke, Sumo Wrestling, Guest of Honor Focus Interviews, a fabulous Costume Runway Show, Charity Auction, and of course, the great Cosplay Masquerade Night!  And for the anime-starved, Video Programming Rooms were also available for thse diehard anime fans who wanted to do marathon video-watching all day and night through their Sakura weekend.

SakuraCon 2003
Main Events

Costume Runway Show: Cosplay fashions galore graced the stage on Sunday as cosplayers presented their works of art to the tune of dance fever music and flashy lights.  Characters came from all over the realms of anime and video games including Chobits, Weib Krueb, .hack//sign, Final Fantasy, Digi Charat, Slayers, Super Mario Brothers, Hellsing, Inuyasha, Kingdom Hearts, Resident Evil, Ah! My Goddess, Sailor Moon, Street Fighter 2, Ranma 1/2, Rayearth, Initial D, and much more!

Sumo Wrestling: It's martial arts gone bonkers, as fan grabbed the opportunity to gain a few pounds and go one-on-one with a little old fashioned head-butting, screaming, bonking, pushing, shoving, and the classic jumping on top of each other, all Sumo style.  Best weekend workout ever!

Guest of Honor Focus Interviews: Fans could get a chance to pack into the events hall and ask their favorite celebrities about whatever!  Guests for this year included Fred Gallgher, Hilary Haag, Michelle Ruff, and the wonderful Japanese Guests of Honor who were able to attend from overseas.

Cel Collector's Gathering: No less than all the best were on display for fans to gather around and enjoy what other fellow avid anime fans were able to talk about regarding their favorite shows and adventurous trips to Japan and around the United States to amass their unique collections.

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