From Illuminati to Digerati, women's issues to art seminars, and collectibles to voice acting, panels and discussions always bring out the best of anime and manga education.  Here at Nan Desu Kan 7, LLNN managed to scope what excellent panels were being held and provide a short description of what was covered.

Nan Desu Kan 7
Panels and Discussions 2

Web Publishing for Comics/Manga: Aspiring artists and writers gathered together for this session involving this rising trend of publishing fan manga on the internet.  Topics featured using software screentones, acquiring webspace and bandwidth, using photoshop or vector graphics software, drawing with Wacom tablets or staying traditional with real paper and scanners, and much more.

Cosplay Emergencies: Experienced cosplayers and beginners gathered together to discuss the how-tos of cosplay rescue operations.  911 hallway services and ideas included quick fixes to broken pieces or fabric or mecha armor, accidental spilled liquids, fabric tears, drops of makeup, broken props, use of duct tape, hidden pockets, and much more.

Toshihiro Kawamoto: Kawamoto is best known for his character designs in Cowboy Bebop and Gundam MS 08th Team, and lucky fans got a rare chance to get to know him better at his guest panel.  Along with fellow guest Gil Asakawa (journalist and professional writer: Nikkei View), topics featured schooling, studio work, various training, and much more that really influences a professional designer.
The Women's Room: Females are strong protagonists in today's world of anime, but is that all there is to look forward to?  Women themselves led this educational panel to discuss women's creator and acting roles in the anime and shojo manga world and highlighting influential titles such as Revolutionary Girl Utena, Mars, Read or Die, and Rose of Versailles.
Additional panels and discussions held throughout the weekend included: Kimonos, Peter's Video Weekend Guide, Social and Historical development of Console RPGs, Mad Shopper's Festa, Planning Cosplay Skits, Visual Kei, AMV Creator's Social, Building a Shakuhachi, Comic Writer's Sequential Scripting of Comics, Anime Director's Voice Direction in Dubbing, Fans of Dubs, Anime: Future Myth?, Murakami Reading, Emily Dejesus' Small Press, Production Path, Japanese in 1 Hour, Self-Publishing: FanFic into RealFic, Sailor Myu Stage Shows, Evangelion Fans, Soul Music in Japan, JET: Your Life in Japan!, Cosplay with Elizabeth Potter,, Hair 'N There: Cosplay Hair, Cultural Elements in Anime, AX Tokyo updates, J-Rock, and much more.

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