From Illuminati to Digerati, women's issues to art seminars, and collectibles to voice acting, panels and discussions always bring out the best of anime and manga education.  Here at Nan Desu Kan 7, LLNN managed to scope what excellent panels were being held and provide a short description of what was covered.

Nan Desu Kan 7
Panels and Discussions 1

Anime News Network: Team members from the highly acclaimed ANN gave updates about their network and discussed new releases for the fall and winter season.  Topics included DVD release, mini-trivia prizes, discussion about Hana Yori Dango, Boogiepop Phantom, DragonBall Z, Bubblegum Crisis, and much more.

How to Spot Bootlegs: Abel Sollis and company gathered together to chat about the latest and oldest in bootlegs from shitajikis, collectible cards, figurines, manga, model kits, puzzles, cels, toys, wallscrolls, and more.  Identification discussion focused on holograms, the way cards and shitijikis are processed, moire patterns, and especially the prices.

Bob Bergen Live: Bob Bergen is perhaps the most influential voice actor in the United States with numerous voice experience that today's crop of VAs look up to.  So it's no surprise that he gave a very inspirational instructional seminar directed at both fans and many attending VAs themselves who understood exactly what it's like to work in the VA business.

Lami Collectors: Lami-cards, otherwise known as idol cards, are one of the most popular of the anime and manga collectibles.  Panelists were on hand to discuss online resources, local shops, various prices on quality and popularity of various cards, auctions, anime card mailing lists, watching out for bootlegs, care and sorting of the cards, and much more.

Fine Art of Translation: Jan Frazier provided a seminar detailing the hard work behind all those translation for anime and manga.  Think it's easy?  Jan discussed topics such as accents, practice of extensive vocabularies, production work, budgetary cost versus accuracy and speed of translation, the experience of living in Japan, and much more.
How Not to Make a "Donkey" of Yourself: Dare to go where the politically incorrect fans voice their opinions!  This was the place to be heard and be cheered.  Discussions included ranting about fanboy bathing (or lack thereof), subs vs. dubs, fangirl screaming, stalking guests of honor, abusing the con staffers, hallway traffic, cosplay choices, crossplay, hotel conduct, and more.

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