From concerts to contests, lots of major events carried on well through the weekend for Nan Desu Kan, and before you even had a chance to think about what Nan Desu Kan really means, another cool event was taking place and you had to be there!  LLNN managed to cover some of those really cool events in the following pages.

Nan Desu Kan 7
Main Events 1

Karaoke Night: Held in the comfy theatre, fans gathered together for a big karaoke 
celebration that included J-Rock, J-Pop, anime soundtrack singles, and much more!

Game Shows: Greggo is never one to disappoint as he led a great line up of games for fans and guests of honor to particapate in.  Filled with anime trivia left and right, NDK's game shows included Anime Win Lose or Draw and You Don't Know Jack about Anime.  Guests of Honor included Kyle Herbert, Tiffany Grant, Chris Patton, and Carol Jacobanis.

Even more stuff to enjoy!: NDK Art Charity Auction, Anime Music Videos and the AMV Creator's Social, Anime Olympics for the physically charged-up, Anime Clubs Annual Summit, Bit-Charger Rally, Mystery Anime Theatre hosted by Vaguely Specific Productions, and The Moomba Game for those who want to show their NDK appreciation.
Sakura Taisen Stage Show: Members of the anime live musical fan community gave a big stage revue complete with dancing and live singing for the Sakura Taisen fans.  True to the live musicals held every week in Japan, these remarkable fans gave exciting performances of Sakura Taisen song favorites including Geki Tei, Ai Yueni, Cinema Kyoshinskyo, Hibari no Uta, Geki Tei Ondo, Nayamashi Mambo, and Hana yo Youri Yume no Youri.

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