From concerts to contests, lots of major events carried on well through the weekend for Nan Desu Kan, and before you even had a chance to think about what Nan Desu Kan really means, another cool event was taking place and you had to be there!  LLNN managed to cover some of those really cool events in the following pages.

Nan Desu Kan 7
Main Events 2

Iron Cosplay: It's time to take it to the extreme!  Excited cosplayers pitted gathered togetehr in teams and pitted 
themselves against formidable foes armed with foam containers, plastic bowls, rope, loads of scrap fabric, beads, 
tape, tissue, bubble wrap, and lots more.  Given about 30 minutes to whip out a good piece of presentable hero or 
heroine deemed a lot harder for some, but the results were quite entertaining.  True to the Iron Chef popularity, Iron 
Cosplay also featured ongoing judges commentary, countdowns, and lots of coverage of the quick activity behind 
the making of an Iron Cosplayer!

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