FanimeCon 2004 had a whole slew of panels, discussion groups, classroom gatherings, industry sessions, and Guest Q&As to attend to throughout the weekend. Whether you were into voice acting or just wanted to chit chat with your favorite fan artists, the panels and discussions were a great way to educate yourself and see all the work that happens in the anime fan and industry communities.

FanimeCon 2004
Panels and Discussions 1

Japanese History and Culture: Today's youth culture is definitely growing up to become more aware of the of the differences between America and Japan, sometimes embracing more of the respectful Japanese parts.  Topics included religious differences, references to eastern cultures in anime, using anime and manga to learn some of the Japanese language, and get to know more about common things like ramen, pachinko, and Shinto shrine priestesses.

Introduction to Anime for Parents: Parents often don't get to see their kids engaged in cultural studies, especially that of anime and manga.  Panelist Gilles Poitras and fellow fans pointed out that the subculture of anime and manga have helped in the departments of empowerment, self-esteem, communication skills when talking to other fans, story writing skills for fanfics, technology for AMVs and DVD watching, more respect for the females, and much more.

Tenchi Muyou GXP: Producer Hiroaki Inoue of Tenchi Muyou GXP highlighted the characters, story development, and answered questions from the audience about all the latest news concerning this big show.  Fans of this series will have more to look forward to as the series progresses, not unlike when Tenchi Muyou first broke ground and amazed the audiences back in 1995.

Korean Manga: From Ragnarok to War of Genesis, artists from Korea are starting to gain foothold into the vast field of anime and manga dominated by Japanese industry.  Topics of this panel included a huge influx of artists trained by schools and by working directly on Japanese animation, more new Korean works coming out but not entirely marketed as Korean due to market nervousness, and more.

Props by Hi Impact: You've seen them as Jin-Roh and more, and the artists themselves gave a highly advanced discussion about how they built their works and how you can too!  Topics included vaccuforming, resin casting, making belts, straps, and helmets, experience in leather works, making big things like guns, heavy suits, and designing for economy, comfort, and efficiency.
Great Teacher Largo: R U 1337?  Great Teacher Largo the insanely supreme ruler of all domesticated minions of Planet Fred in the Megatokyo Universe gathered a huge fan audience for his especially funny monologue about all things in the fan world and then some.  If you ever get a chance to go to a GTL panel, don't miss it!

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