FanimeCon 2004 had a whole slew of panels, discussion groups, classroom gatherings, industry sessions, and Guest Q&As to attend to throughout the weekend. Whether you were into voice acting or just wanted to chit chat with your favorite fan artists, the panels and discussions were a great way to educate yourself and see all the work that happens in the anime fan and industry communities.

FanimeCon 2004
Panels and Discussions 2

Bishounen Lovers: Edward Elric, Duo Maxwell, characters from Naruto, Chrono Trigger, 
and Vash the Stampede.  You've seen them in anime and manga, but have you ever seen 
them as particularly sexy?  Well, Bishounen Lovers converged at Fanime and educated the 
masses on everything about the sexy bishies out there.  Highlights of the panel included a 
bishounen trivia show, giveways of posters and plushies of bishies, bishie terminology, and 
much more for the bishie fans.  More anime starring your favorite bishounen boys included 
Gravitation, Rourouni Kenshin, Fushigi Yuugi, Fruits Basket, Clamp works, Suikoden, and more.


History of Japanese Sci-fi and Anime: Japanese panelists were on hand to talk about the history of popular anime and how it was influenced by American science fiction works.  Anime examples Tetsuwan Atom in 1963, Eighth Man in 1965, Speed Racer, Spaceship Yamato, Gundam, Patlabor, and much more.
Otaku Improv: Think you got what it takes to be the funny man for all things anime?  Otaku Improv showed off their latest contestants with short skits involving anything remotely anime-related including kicking things, DragonBall Z blasts, constipation, flaming objects, playing DDR, and much more.
Additional panels and discussions held throughout the busy weekend included: Japanese Dorama, Animation Principles, Infinity Studios, Comics Ones, Japanese Language 101, Camino, Arcade Politics, Pockybot Comics, Manga Manga with Fred Schodt, Megatokyo, Fan Fiction, Manga Translation, Laiji Matsumoto, Cheap and Easy Mecha Construction, Animated Story and Design, The Beautiful Losers, How to Draw Manga, Blood, Electronic Entertainment, Tofu Records, Producing Anime in Japan, How to Pick Up Women, Cosplay Documentary, Cel-Painting Workshop, Manga Techniques with You Higuri, Web Design, 501st Costume Construction, Doll Meetup, Gaia Online Get-together, Guitar Techniques with Brett Boyd, Animation Style and Technology, Anime Music Videos, Anime Clubs, Anime Librarian, Vacuum Forming and Fiberglass Techniques, and much more.

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