From big concerts held by The Beautiful losers, Blood, Duel Jewel, Nami Tamaki, and Camino, to Karaoke nights and Anime Music Videos, FanimeCon 2004 held another personal record for the most crazy fan weekend yet.

FanimeCon 2004
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Karaoke Nights: No anime convention is complete without one of the most interactive functions: the Karaoke.  With a big contest and lots of opportunities for open mic sessions in between contests, Karaoke songbooks and lyrics sheets were kept busy every night for all of the karaoke enthusiasts ready to go up on stage and sing to their hearts content.  Think you need to belt out one of your favorite anime tunes?  Just wanna embarrass yourself in front of all your con buddies?  Just wanna spice up the evening with a special song for your loved one?  Or maybe just need to practice and put a little more energy into that last anime song you're working on for the next contest?  Karaoke was the place to be!

Der Cosplay Masquerade Night: Another big night for all the cosplayers and their amazing skits was held again at this year's Der Cosplay event on Saturday night at the Civic Auditorium.  Entries included inspired characters from all sorts of anime and video games including Card Captor Sakura, G Gundam, Clover, Rose of Versailles, Chobits, Shaman King, Angelic Layer, Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne, Utena, Final Fantasy, Zelda and the Ocarina of Time, Sailor Moon, Record of Lodoss War, King of Fighters, Prince of Tennis, Virtual On, Digi Charat, Cowboy Bebop, Guilty Gear X, and many more.

Take me to some of the highlights of this year's FanimeCon 2004 Der Cosplay skit presentations!

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