From big concerts held by The Beautiful losers, Blood, Duel Jewel, Nami Tamaki, and Camino, to Karaoke nights and Anime Music Videos, FanimeCon 2004 held another personal record for the most crazy fan weekend yet.

FanimeCon 2004
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#1 Card Captor Will: he's not gay, he obviously has no shame, he likes poofy skirts, reminding folks, it's not the clothes that make the man, it's what's underneath that counts!

#4 Freddy Mercury Presents KC and the Sunshine Gundams: 
Those crazy old school Gundam villians are at it again, but this 
time Domon challenges them to a Gundam Fight Dance Battle!  
It's Stayin' Alive vs. the Safety Dance!  Macarena vs. I'm Too Sexy!
#5 KamiKaze Cosplay presented a musical with characters from Clover announcing their love for each other. #7 Ninja Fashion Show presented ninjas strutting their stuff and then duking it out for ninja supremacy.  Who knew fashion kills!

#9 Mini-Magical Girls presented characters from Shaman King and... the ultimate weapon, Pikachu!
#11 KamiKaze Crossplayers presented characters from Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne #14 The yum yum doodle dum league of scrumptious (really long name) cosplay group presented a hilarious performance about cute anime mascots gone BAD!

#18 Skull Kid from Zelda Majora's Mask finally escapes from the evil mask of doom.
#19 YuRiPa: characters from Final Fantasy X-2 attempt to present a birthday cake... with disastrous results...

#20 Anime Fortress and Goddess Academy Cosplay presented 
"Sailor War" supreme with all the Sailors and Villians performing a 
big stage musical for all the Sailor Moon fans.
#25 Gomu Gomu no Cosplay presented characters from Prince of Tennis duking it out on the courts and facing up to the ultimate tennis battle with a Super Racket!

#26 Fei-yen from Virtual On presented her fighting skills for the game loving audience.  Oh, the shiny! #27 Sakura-mento Anime Club presented the popular characters from Tenchi Muyou.
#28 Lemon Drop Cosplay presented hair care products for both bishounen and bishoujos made with the finest ingredients, now with strawberry pocky-scented ingredients! #29 The Ultimate Trigun cosplay presented Vash and Wolfwood performing the latest stunts involving confession of sins, firing cans off Wolfwood's head, and just a little bishounen sexiness.

#36 Final Fantasy Shiny Things presented another wacky version of crossplaying through the Final Fantasy universe.

Additional notable skits included "the precious" Pocky addictions because "size does matter", a live singing performance from Rose of Versailles, cute lil' Tsumomo getting the entire audience to stand up and do their morning exercises, Flower Power Touga, G-Rated presenting their version of taking over the Cosplay Contest by "handling the competition", Prince Tonberry showing his daddy King Tonberry how to properly kill the goody two shoes, the Anime-storians presenting a skit about warriors from thousands of years ago duking it out anime ghetto-style including your basic good guys, bad guys, cute girls, and NINJAS!, Marth from Super Smash Brothers, and goofy Final Fantasy Light Warriors getting lost and going in circles.

FanimeCon 2004 Der Cosplay Awards
Judges Award: #8 Tsumomo from Chobits
Judges Award: #18 Skull Kid from Zelda Majora's Mask
Judges Award: #26 Fei-Yen
Judges Award: #28 Lemon Drop Cosplay
Technical Award: #20 Anime Fortress and Goddess Academy Cosplay
Technical Award: #6 Rose of Versailles
Fan Service Award: #13 G-Rated
Second Place Award: #4 Freddy Mercury Presents KC and the Sunshine Gundams
Best of Show: #14 The yum yum doodle dum league of scrumptious (really long name) cosplay group

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