Panels and Discussions hosted by Dragon*Con consisted of main tracks listed through Main Programming (Presentations, performances, ceremonies, contests and largest panels), Southeast Trade and Retailers Symposium (Panels and workshops for retailers and store-owners), and Art Workshops and Programming (Art-related panels and programming with attending artists).  Special tracks listed this year included: Gaming/Tournaments, Space & Science, Star Trek TrekTrak, Star Wars: Matters of the Force, Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time, Writer's Track, The American Independents, J.R.R. Tolkien's Middle-Earth, Comics, Electronic Frontiers Forums, North American Tribe Gathering, Robotics, Anime, and much more.

Dragon*Con 2004
Panels and Discussions 1

Writer's Track: Off Limits: Veteran writers Kate Bernstein, James Maxey, Davey Beachamp, Brad Linaweaver, and Rachel Caine provided insight into the world of alternative fiction.  Topics included delving into alternative histories, Cold War perspectives, views on Armageddon, taking risks with mainstream readers, avoiding Editor taboos and more.

Fairlie Track: Dark Fantasy Through Two Centuries: Veteran writers gathered to talk about The Wraeththu Years and studying survivalist stories.  Discussions included thinking about the future environment, tribal studies, arcane magical races, experiences being both writer and editor, and new developments on authors being part of the design process.

Wheel of Time Track: It is a world of kings and queens and elements that spin the fates of the universe.  It is Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time and fans of the this amazing fantasy series gathered together to provide the annual festivities including Wheel of Time Olympics, artwork displays, Time book discussions, Weakest Spoke trivia show, and much more.

Professional Star Trek Costume Building: Veteran Trek fans gathered to talk about their latest futuristic creations brought to modern life.  Topics featured hardware shopping at Home Depot, dealing with weapons and props going through airport security, Klingon make-up effects and armor, constructing the uniforms, blaster pistols and rifles, making Borg arms, and collecting various schematics for the costume purists.

Electronic Frontiers Forum: Can we CAN SPAM?: Always policing the Internet, veterans of the EFF talked about why spammers are scum with topics including identity theft of credit cards, privacy acts, right of action to pursue damages, watching out for bogus products and services, file-sharing viruses, unsolicited bulk emails, and Internet tools to help combat the ever-growing populace of nasty web villains.
Customer Service: Brought to you by the Southeast Trade and Retail Symposium, panelists discussed issues regarding the rise of the hobby industry and how to keep your business a success.  Topics included keeping employees up to date on the latest news about games, movies, and comics, never lying to the customers, being open and honest about stockpiles, providing options, and more.

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