Panels and interactive discussions were held throughout the busy AX Tokyo 2004 weekend hosting a multitude of anime and manga celebrities, voice actors from Japan and America, anime production company executives, and fans offering the latest news and information on upcoming and ongoing activities.

Anime Expo Tokyo 2004
Panels and Discussions 1

Reflecting Upon the History of OAV: 20 years of Original Animation Videos: Hosted by renowned anime production veterans Kenji Fujita, Ryusuke Hikawa, and Hirouki Inoue, discussion led into the detailed history and timeline of this unique market of animation video distribution.  From Wings of Honeamise to Creamy Mami to Megazone 23, legions of anime fans from around the world reviewed some of the most famous OAVs ever to hit Japan and become famous overseas.

US and Japan Cosplay: Conventions and gatherings from all over the world are homing into this still relatively new and engaging interest.  Discussion involved input from cosplayers coming from Japan, American, Australia, France, Germany, and Italy.  Currently, the Final Fantasy universe is obviously the most dominant cosplay choice with additional interests in elegant gothic lolita, crossdressing, mecha cosplay, and historical recreations, movie recreations, and an abundance of original designs.

Megatokyo: Fred Gallagher is the man to talk to when it comes to the famous webcomic Megatokyo.  Topics led into challenges dealing with publishing, contracts to sign, his unique artist style, story development, the assortment of characters, sticking to an always-free online distribution, and news of a future free online manga release.

Station Zero Public Voice Acting Auditions: Reiji Matumoto's first original internet anime "The Tale of Yuma: Symphony No. V" with leading role performed by Tsuchiya Ayuko (Nanami Yuma in Galactic Railway 999 for Planetarium) saw 8 auditioning Japanese vocal finalists performing the featured role of Sonaria, the anime's heroine.

Crispin Freeman's Talk Show: The always fashionable and debonair Crispin Freeman held a stage panel for fans to learn about his detailed history as an American anime voice actor and theater experience in the American entertainment industry.  Crispin is credited for his voice role and script production in Witch Hunter Robin, Wolf's Rain, Ghost in the Shell: Standalone Complex, and Last Exile.
Introducing Anime Conventions Abroad: Anime convention representatives from America, United Kingdom, Australia, FRance, Taiwan, Germany, and many more were on hand to talk about how they grew from just a few anime fans to now thousands of attendees with a complete menu of guests and events.  Topics also included advertising, budgets, guests, hotels and convention centers, and much more.

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