A spectacular round of cosplayers showed up for Anime Expo New York's Masquerade Cosplay Contest night and LLNN managed to capture some shots of those who stuck around for a last glimpse of their cool costumes and group gatherings.  Congratulations to all the winners and great job to all who participated in this very exclusive Broadway-themed spectacle!

Anime Expo New York
Post-Masquerade Cosplay Gallery 1

Winner! Judge Jesse Dawson's Craftsmanship Award: #49: Representing F5, Cloud Strife by Kamui

Winner! Judge Darryl Hwang's Craftsmanship Award: #38: Noir by Peggy
Winner! Honorable Mention for Presentation: #53: Chobits by Reema
Winner! Honorable Mention for Presentation: #51 Final Fantasy Cat Fight! by Adella, Kitty, and Shaun
Winner! Best of Show Individual Craftsmanship: #37: Jenova's Puppets by Layla Celkupa

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