In any normal world, anime fans would be driving from shop to shop, maybe call up a few friends and hang out to watch anime or read manga in a small apartment or local library.  AX95 made the total anime experience bigger and better by putting it all together under one roof.  Of course, no anime convention is without the unique treasures and social oddities that float around the hotel during the weekend. 

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Exhibitors for Anime Expo 95 included:
Manga Entertainment, Ed Noonchester, Running Ink Animation Productions, Books Nippan, Nichibei Anime Club, San Francisco Laser Disc, Harry's Hobbies and Supplies, Cold Cut Comics, Richard Steele, Legend Hobbies and Toys, Laser Perceptions, A.D. Vision, Ursus Studios, Bruno Rachalski & Co., Streamline Pictures, JAM Group Co., Planet Anime, Joy Store, Storm, Takeshi Yoshida, Viz Communications, Telcom, Super Collector, Central Park Media, Yoshiko Mizushima, Kuri Anime, Jones' Bones, Anime America, Scott's Comics and Cards, Doki Media Works, Mikado Laser Japan, Newtype Toys & Hobbies, Binbo, Mangajin, Nikaku Animart, Paradigm Enterprises, Kimono My House, Nippon Book Company, Anime Wink, Banzai Comics

The Muses of Heaven would have been proud of the strangeness that inhabited the weekend's location.  Maybe it was the planes flying overhead from the airport.  Maybe it was a silly dream conjured up by some wizard out there.  Anyway, we're pretty glad that the convention held together and the fans all had a great time.

Convention Operations at a busy time.

Ring around the Ryoohki taunts BEAR.

The AX95 T-shirt art graciously provided by Pioneer Entertainment.  1995 was an explosive year for Pioneer as the company came out with tons of Ryoohki plushies from Tenchi Muyou, the glorious El Hazard series, and lots more releases to further push anime into the mainstream audiences.

The artwork for the AX95 Program Book originally came from an AX93 poster by AX staffer Lionel Lum.  It had about 500 characters on it and yes, there would be a sequel...

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