Three days of anime and manga was not enough to contain the growing loads of events and panels that would be host to the long list of Guests of Honor, numerous industry spokespeople, and fan experts.  Thankfully, the Goddesses were on our side as audiences enjoyed the new White Radish opening animation, a Hong Kong cinema room, expanded karaoke, and lots of releases from the domestic anime distribution companies.

Film and Video Premieres
Manga Entertainment: Patlabor Movie 1, Katsuhiro Otomo's Memories, Macross Plus 4, Giant Robo 6
Software Sculptors: Metal Fighter Miku, Zenki
Pioneer Entertainment: Tenchi Muyou TV 1-2, El Hazard, Hakkenden, Catnapped
Danger Productions: Made in Japan II

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CEO Mike Tatsugawa announcing
the SPJA Industry Awards.

Events and Panels held throughout the weekend involved:
Running Ink Animation Productions, V-Max, JAILED, Manga Entertainment, Hakkenden, White Radish, Anime UK, Anime or Consequences Game Show, Collecting Toys: The Big Kid's Hobby, Anime Online, Do You Want To Join a Fan Club?, Fan-Fiction and Fanzines, Viz - Dub Your Own Anime, Anime Karaoke, RPG: Games of Imagination, Pioneer LDCA, Manga Production, Computer Based Animation, A.D. Vision, Kadokawa Comic Dragon, Designing Animation Characters, Danger Productions, Asian Films, Viz Video, Computer Games, Gundam: Another Side Story, Magicial Girls, Record of Lodoss Wars: A Retrospective, Streamline Pictures, Animation Production, Animation Directors, Software Sculptors, Central Park Media/U.S. Manga Corps, CGI with Allen Hastings, Cel Workshop, and Viz Publications

Anime Expo 1995 Modeling Contest Awards
Sponsored by Pony-Toy-Go-Round and NewType Toys and Hobby
Grand Prize: Chris Monteleon for "Biolante"
Judge's Choice: Chris Monteleon for "Nadia"
Best Prop: George Kantarakias for "Dominion"
Character Division (stock)
First Place: Brian Sakai for "Guyver"
Second Place: John Hoffman for "Lum 91"
Third Place: Jorge Alfaro for "Christina Mackenzie"
Character Division (modified/scratch)
First Place: Ron Santellano for "Belldandy"
Second Place: John Greenwald for "Visorium Beast"
Third Place: Lionel Lum for "Hitomi"
Mecha Division (stock)
First Place: Ian Brozozog for "F-90"
Second Place: Keo Khounetham for "V Gundam"
Third Place: Keo Khounetham for "Zollian"
Mecha Division (modified)
First Place: Rosearik Rikki for "Shekratett"
Second Place: Roseark Rikki for "Corsair"
Third Place: John Hayes for "Star Fury"
Miscellaneous Division
First Place: Ron Santellano for "Rorco Rosso"
Second Place: James Halcolla for "Larva"
Third Place: Hung "Hunger" Lam for "Zeiram"

SPJA Industry Awards
Best Anime Expo Premiere: Katsuhiro Otomo's Memories
Best Subbed/Dubbed AX Premiere: Tenchi Muyo! TV (Pioneer LDCA)
Best Film: Katsuhiro Otomo's Memories
Best OAV Series: Macross Plus (Manga Entertainment)
Best TV Series: Macross 7
Most Popular Male Character: Masaki Tenchi
Most Popular Female Character: Key the Metal Idol
Most Popular Non-Human Character: Ryo-oh-ki
Best Anime Album: Cream P*U*F (Macross Plus)
Best Manga: Gunnm (Battle Angel)
Best American Animated Film/Series: Animaniacs (Warner Brothers)
Best Subbed/Dubbed Film: Wings of Honneamise (Manga Entertainment)
Best Subbed/Dubbed OAV: Macross Plus (Manga Entertainment)
Outstanding Subbing/Dubbing Company: Pioneer LDCA
Best Anime Publication: Animerica (Viz)
Best Translated Manga: Maison Ikkoku (Viz) 

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