Workshops are always a great resource for interested fans who want more hands-on learning experience with experts in the field of voice acting, animation, and digital work.  Field specialists from respected colleges and companies helped attendees enjoy their weekend by having them participate in numerous interactive workshops.

Anime Expo 2003
Workshops 2

Traditional Japanese Dance: World renowned Japanese dancer and choreographer Wakana Hanayagi led this packed workshop featuring traditional dance techniques and interactive lessons on the dance floor.  Ms. Hanayagi is a proud member of the U.S. Conservatory of Japanese Classical Dance and through her dances has led numerous sessions to help enhance the cultural horizons of world-minded individuals everywhere.

Gonzo and Copic Illustration Contest: Makoto Kobayashi, perhaps one of the most popular mecha designers in the Gundam universe led this packed contest open to all attendees to participate and draw their best with materials provided by Copic marker representatives.  Fans got a rare treat to have their works critiqued by a mecha designer master as well as compete for a top prize for best illustration!
Additional workshops held throughout the weekend included: Copic Marker Techniques, Voice Acting with Crispin Freeman, How to Make an Illustration presented by Gonzo Studios, Tetsuya Aoki presented by Plex Co., LTD, and much more with DDR Project, Traditional Japanese Dance, and How to Animate with FlipBook by Digi-Cel.
Gonzo Studio's Last Exile:  Using Last Exile as a guide, production designers Mahiro Maeda and Makoto Kobayashi explained their masterful illustration techniques to attendees.  Features included sketches and final renderings of mecha designs and characters to illustrate the concept of a show's production design process.

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