Workshops are always a great resource for interested fans who want more hands-on learning experience with experts in the field of voice acting, animation, and digital work.  Field specialists from respected colleges and companies helped attendees enjoy their weekend by having them participate in numerous interactive workshops.

Anime Expo 2003
Workshops 1

AMV 101 Workshop: Veteran AMV Creators Brad DeMoss, Nic Neidenbach, and Anthony Bennett spoke about their award-winning videos and inspirations.  Topics featured how to splice footage from various video captures, timing to chosen music, tweaking images, video framing, rendering, staying consistent with styles and choices of anime, using various filters and software tools, and much more.

How to Animate with a Flipbook: Digi-cel Inc. hosted this detailed workshop on how to use Flipbook, a computer animation program that makes 2D animation simple.  For aspiring character designers and mecha designers who want to see their creations come to life, this was the session to sit down and take note on this growing area of interest in the world of animation.

DDR Project: Dance to your favorite DDR tunes?  No problem.  Dance to your favorite DDR tunes and enjoy the AMVs?  Go with it!  This interactive workshop featured fan participation who wanted to show off their complex DDR moves along with more of the best AMVs from around the nation.
Ballroom Dance Workshop: From the waltz to tango, two-step to cha-cha, dance instructors taught you how to get groovy and show your stylish moves on the dance floor!  With a great interest in ballroom dances for an anime convention, this was a great alternative workshop to participate just before the big romantic AX Ballroom Dance just hours ahead!

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