Panels, panels, and more panels, and did we forget discussion time for Q&As?  From state of the anime industry to fan focus on anime shows, Guests of Honor to Industry updates, and anime music video workshops to fan-filled game shows, AX2003 had more panels and events than even the craziest single attendee could even attend.  With so much stuff to see and do, it proved extremely challenging to provide coverage on most of the panels, but LLNN managed to capture some of the highlights of weekend.

Anime Expo 2003
Panels and Discussions 2

Anime Singled Out: We all like to think we could date or be friends with an anime character at some point, 
but why not try it for real and of course, just for fun!  Anime Singled Out proved just that with a volunteer Chii and 
numerous members of the audience trying to guess the right answers to her questions about what she likes and 
all that good stuff.  With an engaging audience participation and hosting, looks like we'll see more of this popular 
type of wild and fun game show in months to come!

Cel Collectors Meeting: From the careful purchase to proper care of cels, it's almost a family experience 
to chat about the life of a cel collector.  Panelist Katy Isaacs and friends led discussion on the increasing fandom 
of acrylic sheets of paint and ink, otherwise known as animation cels used for anime on the big and small screen.  
Session followed up with a big gathering of cel fans and their sharing of prized cel books, shopping resource and 
information exchanges, and unique shopping trip experiences.

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