Panels, panels, and more panels, and did we forget discussion time for Q&As?  From state of the anime industry to fan focus on anime shows, Guests of Honor to Industry updates, and anime music video workshops to fan-filled game shows, AX2003 had more panels and events than even the craziest single attendee could even attend.  With so much stuff to see and do, it proved extremely challenging to provide coverage on most of the panels, but LLNN managed to capture some of the highlights of weekend.

Anime Expo 2003
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Academic Study of Anime, Manga, and Fandom: Presented by Mikhail Koulikov, anime and manga have increasingly become the subject of academic articles, books, and even classes at dozens of colleges and universities.  Topics reviewed current literature and trends in anime/manga research, violence in anime, nobility, America vs. Japan culture, and influence on today's children.

Digi Charat: What's up with Digi Charat, nyo?  Fan panelists gave an exciting review session and display of collectibles about the Digi Charat universe for newbies and dedicated fans alike, nyo.  Basically, Digi Charat is about a sweet princess from the planet DiGi Charat who has come to Earth to be an idol singer. Special magical powers, lotsa wacky friends, and evil villains with slapstick humor have made it an increasingly popular show, nyo!

SeraMyu Sailor Moon Musicals: From screen to stage, panelists explained the rising success and interest in the live-action musicals for Sailor Moon to Sailor Moon SuperS.  Topics featured introductions of all the characters and corresponding actresses, details on the stage costumes and stage shows, where to buy tickets and see the shows in Japan, displays of collectibles, and sample screenings of one of the many shows to gauge more interest.

Resin and Garage Kits from Start to Finish:  Hosted by AX2002 Best Character Kit Model Winner Matt Magee and Jennie Oestreicher, topics featured their step-by-step process from purchasing that awesome model to construction to painting and then touching up with appropriate fixings. Additional subjects included choices of resin kits, paints, cleaning solutions, putty, dealing with mold lines, surface sanding, clearing up blemishes, and much more.

EZ Board Get-Together: Fans have taken over AX.  The EZ Board G2G, over 2000 member strong, featured introductions of new and current online board members, admins and forum moderators, reminiscing crazy forum topics, talking about numerous fan gatherings, planning the big picnic, and performing crazy game show stunts for the audience.
Building a Fansite: Many fans wish to create websites for their favorite programs, characters, creators, musicians, and in the world of anime and manga, this is an exciting time to jump in and join everyone! Topics covered different aspects of building a simple or highly customized website, joining web communities, and staying true to being a fan of whatever you like!

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