Check that reality at the door, because AX2003 was a total anime convention experience from day one to closing ceremonies!  Registration tallied up over 17,000 attendees throughout the packed weekend!  With so much to see and do, it's no wonder so many attendees walked around with glazed eyes of having no sleep 'til whenever!  For many, AX is one of those dream-come-true vacations only the hardcore otakus could envision, and LLNN managed to provide some coverage as shown below.

Anime Expo 2003
Convention Extras 2

Celebrating Charity: AX as well as many cons, are also about charity.  Giving away to those who most in 
need makes us feel just a little bit better when enjoying the weekend with your buddies.  Guests of Honor, fans, 
dealers, and many people joined in the effort to donate towards a worthy cause.

Turning Japanese!  AX elitists take note!  AX Tokyo 2004 is coming up and you can check out all the newest information at:
Press and Publicity: Wanna become a celebrity for just a few seconds?  Numerous cosplayers became just that for the local and national news broadcasters roaming the halls for fan interviews in the effort to understand and promote anime and manga.

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