Check that reality at the door, because AX2003 was a total anime convention experience from day one to closing ceremonies!  Registration tallied up over 17,000 attendees throughout the packed weekend!  With so much to see and do, it's no wonder so many attendees walked around with glazed eyes of having no sleep 'til whenever!  For many, AX is one of those dream-come-true vacations only the hardcore otakus could envision, and LLNN managed to provide some coverage as shown below.

Anime Expo 2003
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Karaoke!  Throughout the weekend, karaoke contests were held and open-mic sessions ran all hours with performances ranging from comedy to drama.

AX2003 Karaoke Contest Winners:

Individuals Category:
First Place: Stephanie Yanez
Second Place: Jane Kubel
Third Place: Joshua Bracks
Runners Up: Serena El Farra and Jessie Nuss
Group Category:
First Place: Nightscape
Second Place: Natalie Warren and Crystal Wilkinson
Third Place: Riona Lee and Bonnie Tam
Runners Up: Otaku Generation, Ashton Xylstra and Emi Brown

Mini-Masquerade:  Though we missed out on the great Mini-Masquerade because such a busy schedule, the AX Newsletter (special thanks to them!) published the official winners list:

AX2003 Mini-Masquerade Winners:
Best of Show: #23: 3 Eggs and a piece of Bacon (Spirited Away)
Best of Show, Junior/Youth: #45: Team Magma (Pokemon) 
Wayne Kaa's Judge's Award: #15, Chibi Bishoujo (Sailor Moon)
Kim Lim's Judge's Award: #43: Alexander Anderson (Hellsing)
Patrick Delahanty's Judge's Award: #7: Anime Angel (.hack//Infection) 
Honorable Mention: #2: Pink Lemon Productions (Pet Shop of Horrors)
Honorable Mention: #42: Real Emotion (Final Fantasy X-2)
Registration: Held in the Hilton, Staffers held up the fortress with over 17,000 attendees from around the country ready to rock and roll!

Macross 20th Anniversary Party: Fans and Industry specialists celebrated the weekend with a huge fortune of new and old Macross items for display and future marketing.  Only for the diehard Robotech and Macross enthusiasts!

AX Merchandise:  From those cool Baby-Ts to new sets of pins, the usual round-up of T-Shirts and exclusive items 
from years' past, there was something for everyone's souvenir list to cap off those AX memories.

A BIGGER Exhibit Hall!  Finally AX gets what it wants, a bigger hall to contain thousands of fans ready to BUY BUY BUY!  Following is the list of attending dealers for Anime Expo 2003: Acube USA, LTD., ADV Films / Suncoast, Aloha Anime, Ani-Magic, Anime Artworx, Anime Combo,  Anime Gamers/Synch Point, Anime Jungle, Anime King, Anime Link, Anime LZ, Anime Mail Order  Inc., Anime Nation, Anime Palace, Anime Pavilion, Anime Plus,,,  AnimEigo,, Antarctic Press, Anti-Ballistic Pixelations, Asylum Anime,  BANDAI Entertainment, Bicaji's Model Collection, Cartoon Passion/Laser Dynamic, Casa Manga,  Celga Inc., Central Park Media, Collector's Edge, The Comic Cellar, Comics One, Cybergems,  Deleter, Digital Discs, Digital Manga Inc., Doujin Online, DreamWorks, Drunken Master, Ed  Noonchester Artwork, Eye Candy Goods, Foreign Expressions, Fujiyama Project Co., Ltd.,  Function,, Gallery of Fantastic Art (GoFA),, Hash Inc.,  Hirameki International Group, Hobby Shop K, HobbyLink Japan, Hoteiya Las Vegas, House of  Anime, How to Draw Manga, IACE Travel, Intec USA, Inc., JHC Inc., J.S.K. International Inc.,  J-Station Anime, Jones Bones, Kamikaze Anime/Apple Trading, Kawaii Anime, King Roach Ent.  Inc./Anime Depot, Kinokuniya Bookstore, Legends Toys & Hobbies, Light It Up, Manga  Entertainment, Manga House, Media Blasters Inc., Mikado-Laser/Music Japan, Nene Thomas Inc.,  NewType Hobbies & Toys, Nichibei Anime Club, Nikaku Animart, Nippon Book Co., Odin's  Monsters, OSULA Education Center, Orbit Comics & Anime, P.M.B.Q. Studios, Pandora's Cube,  Paradigm Animation/AnimeV, Peach Princess, Pegasus Publishing, Pioneer Entertainment (USA)  Inc.,, Play Magazine, Plex Co. Ltd, Red Octane, Retro Rocket, Rinkya Inc.,  Rising Sun Imports Inc., Rock N' Photo, Score Entertainment, Stylin Inc., Sun Magico, Inc.,  Super Techno Arts Inc., Things From Another World, TMZ, Tofu Records/Sony Music, TOKYOPOP,  UCC Distributing Inc., Udon Entertainment Corp., Urban Vision Entertainment, USAnime, Viz,  LLC, Wizard Anime Insider, Wizzywig Inc., and Wonderlens

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