Panels and Discussions and Workshops, oh my!  Anime North 2004 offered an exciting variety of panels featuring many esteemed Guests of Honor, noted fans, and representatives from the domestic anime industry all heading healthy discussions on various exciting anime and manga-related topics ranging from new shows, fan activities, historical perspectives, and other forms of fan entertainment lasting throughout the weekend.  Packed full of attendees, every single panel or activity offered something to learn from.  If only school or work meetings were this stimulating.

Anime North 2004
Panels and Discussions 1

Para Para Workshop: Think you got what it takes to be a Para Para king?  Experienced players and wild enthusiasts demonstrated their skills by just dancing to the music beat.  You too can learn the best combo moves and be a great Para Para gamer without even stepping on the dance pad!

Anime Network News: Representatives for ANN converged in Canada for their big update on staff introductions, latest news on anime releases, holding an open call for talented columnists, and going over details of the usual debates like about how anime-style is creating its own unique art forum.

Creating Doujinshi: Whether by traditional or high-tech means, everyone can learn to draw and be a cool manga artist if you set your mind to it.  Panelists were on hand to direct listeners towards the best Wacom tablets, drawing surfaces, color pens, print resolutions, shades for computer distribution, photoshop tools for special effects, and much more.

How to Survive the Con: No con survives without a single story of something gone awry.  With the help of experienced con-goers, topics included hotel problems, bad dances, parties out of control, complaining parents, crash space problems, and your usual case of bad first impressions based on a very limited scope of interest in the convention itself.

Final Fantasy: Final Fantasy isn't going anywhere anytime soon, as veteran gamers discussed topics including the use of CG cinemas, tactics with experience points, junction systems, debates about having a compelling story versus the graphics, listings of their favorite FF games, favorite characters, and much more.
How to Get a Girlfriend: Oh you know fanboys want them but what went wrong?  This was the panel to be at if you're still scoping the scene for a mate!  Topics included having confidence and self-esteem, rules on not being freaky, creepy, or stinky, and actually having brains to hold an intellectual conversation without hitting on the girl.  Think you can remember all of that?

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