Main Events were included such performances as the Anime North Red and White Show featuring a ton of talented performances, Anime Improv, a comedy show by the 404s with an anime twist, mBrosia's Sailor Moon cabaret of singing and dancing stage spectacle, karaoke performances, J-Pop dance parties, karate demonstrations by Anshin School of Karate, Curse of the Fanboys fanfic fun, Anime Music Videos, Cosplay Contest night, and more!

Anime North 2004
Main Events 1

Friday Cosplay Skit Contest: With lots of skit presentations and cosplayers showing off their latest inspired creations, Anime North set up a Friday event meant for some advanced stage presentations normally not seen during the Saturday Cosplay Contest night.  Below are the judging results of the amazing presentations for this year:

Presentation Awards
Best in Show: #3 Millennium Dance
Best Journeyman: #10 Ten Commandments of Anime Conventions by Boxed Rice Productions and Friends
Best Novice: #2 Fushigi Yuugi: The Mysterious Boy Band by 3AM Company
Best Original Sketch: #6 Himesama no Kodomo Badoru

Workmanship Awards
Best Workmanship in Show: #2 Fushigi Yuugi: The Mysterious Boy Band by 3AM Company
Recognition for Tailoring Construction: #1 Dani from Tsukino Isho

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