AFO5's weekend full of panels and discussions had a full schedule of interesting things to learn and participate in.  From industry leaders to fan functions, fans could sit in and listen to everything from computer animation to cosplay, manga development to trivia shows, and voice acting to AMVs.

Anime Festival Orlando 5
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What's Up with IronCat: Storytelling with Steve Bennett is always a favorite pasttime for con-goers.  Casual news and updates about the IronCat experience included travels around the US, personal history, con stories, how IronCat became I.C. Entertainment, and incorporating both adult and children's manga in their expanding selection of titles.

Sailor Moon Trivia: Ever since the new Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon TV series aired, fans of new and old restarted the trivia and once again Sailor Moon is in the spotlight.  Topics included talking about the characters, favorite episodes, comparing the backgrounds of the manga with the anime and TV series, and joining fan clubs.

Super Dollfie Party: Guys have their character resin kits, and girls have their dollfies!  Proud owners of this expanding hobby showed off their latest dress-ups and also practiced building new models for display.  Members talked about the latest fashions, and shared shopping resources like and Volks Shop.

Panel of Doom!: Just when you thought it was safe to wander into the anime screening rooms, the panel of doom has you captured!  Cool features for this year included hilarious encounters with TV blunders with characters like Bugs Bunny, G.I. Joe, Robotech, Walker Texas Ranger, bad Japanese pronunciations, Mr. T, and much more.

JET Program: One of the best experiences for anyone whose completed a college degree is a chance to go to Japan and get paid to teach English to Japanese students.  Experienced teachers talked about their experiences including getting used to being assigned to small towns, educational requirements, what kinds of expenses are covered, and the various backgrounds of teachers that you meet in orientation sessions.
Taiko Drums: For anyone whose ever experienced the pounding rhythms of Taiko drum performances, experts performers talked about how they used their body and limbs to get a good jam session going, their backgrounds on starting up until their professional work, working with numerous sizes of drums, and much more.

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